What is wrong with the Kashmir? (SBC4)

Hey! Have you ever heard of the Kashmir conflict? I hope you know that I am a huge fan of Indian history.
Here is some information about the Kashmir.

What: The Kashmir dispute relates to India and Pakistan. They are fighting over the territory. Until today, the problem  has not been solved.

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Who: After the partition of India in 1947,  Pakistan and India  fought over the Kashmir  until 1949. When the armistice line was established, the Kashmir government separated the Kashmir from the north and south into the territorial areas of India and Pakistan respectively.

Why:Pakistan wanted the Kashmir because the majority of  people in the region were Muslims but the head of the government was Hindu. Because of the conflict between India and Pakistan, the ruler of the Kashmir region decided to remain neutral.

When: The Kashmir dispute was left unsolved when British colonialists left India in 1947. Until now, the control of Kashmir remains a sensitive topic for the two governments; India and Pakistan.


Thank you and I hope you learned something about the Kashmir conflict!

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