Let’s Talk About School (SBC5)

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You know how we often talk about what we do in class or what classes we have?  Well, I am going to talk about what I do during breaks at school. I go to ISD which stands for International School of Dakar, which to me is  more like IFD; the International Friends of Dakar.


Usually, in between classes, we only have a five-minute break. We have four classes a day  and a lunchtime that lasts only 25 minutes (UGH…).

During lunchtime, I sometimes sit with my friends in 9th grade at the table. We have a lot of fun talking about what happened the week before or what is happening in school during the day. Before, I used to go to Shady (our local Lebanese Senegalese cafeteria) and buy lunch. But now I find it easier to bring my own lunch and personally I think that home lunches are more healthy because I get to choose whatever I want. (And that is AWESOME!)

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After I played in the volley ball season, I started making friends that are in 10th, 11th and 12th grade. We now eat on the basketball court watching the others play soccer or basketball. (And THAT, my friends, is what you call MULTITASKING!)

I really love this school because I enjoy being with everyone there. I never have fights, or I am never angry with one of my friends because we all share something in common and get along well with each other.


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About School (SBC5)

    1. Hello Caleigh!

      I love learning about other schools and their different activities. What is your favorite after school activity?

      Ines Ladjal

    2. Hi again, to answer your question my favorite after-school activity is probably dance because I’m a dancer. Although the school I go to doesn’t have many activities I can still do stuff with other places. We only really have a few sports, a musical theater, chess club, art club, guitar club, and Lego robotics, not much else. I have a question for you, I you got to make a new rule or add something to your school, what would you do? Thanks for replying and sorry that I didn’t see this until just today. I hope to talk to you again soon! -Caleigh http://crsch92d.edublogs.org/

      1. Hello Caleigh,
        Thank you for replying to my comment. What type of dance do you practice? I f I had to change a rule in this school I would change the fact that we are not allowed to get any drinks between classes, especially after P. E! We do have water fountains but sometimes the water is really hot. When you get out of P. E class you sure do not want to drink hot water. So I would change the rule of not being able to take water at the cafeteria.

  1. Hi Ines,

    Your blog post was very interesting. I loved learning about what your school is like and it sounds like you enjoy it!

    Would you like to be on my blogroll?

    From Emma

    1. Hey Emma!
      Thank you for that really nice comment. I do love my school, but the sad part is that I am leaving next year so I want to have fun and study hard this year. Yes, I would love to be in you blogroll! (sorry for the late comment)

      Thank you!

      Ines Ladjal,

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