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Well, who is ready to know about my research project! My Genius Hour project is about Technology. First, you need to know what Genius Hour means. Genius hour is an activity that allows students to explore their own passions. For example, I was really curious about the pros and cons of technology and how  it affect our lives? ( Good question, am I right? 😏 😀 )

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A reason why I chose this topic is because I was curious to know more about technology in our lives. I know that I have learned a lot about technology this year, but I was even more curious! That is what genius hour is all about. You get to explore fun and new facts about  technology. 

In fact, I learned a lot of new information during my research. I learned that 58% of  adults  in  have a smartphone, 32% adults own an e-reader and 42% own a tablet. The statistics make it clear that adults are adapting to new  technologies. (See, teenagers are not the only one using technology 24/7 🙂 )

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I also learned that looking at your screen at night before sleeping decreases your hours of sleep. Studies show that it prevents our brains from releasing melatonin, a hormone that send signals to the brain  it is night time. It will of course affect your day! I know it is really hard to not look at our 📱🖥, but avoid using your technology before sleeping!

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In my next genius hour project I will be researching about the special Olympics for people with down syndrome and help them make their way through the things they love. My one question is, How can I contribute to this? I want to show people that having down syndrome is not a bad thing at all. And the only way to make it work is for the people to treat them equally. Why equally? well because they deserve to be treated equally!

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