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For my twitter expert connect list I tried asking a few experts on my subject. The subject I was looking for was on kids with down syndrome and their way of living.

I asked a lot of experts in that subject. However i only got a few answers. The experts/ companies who answered are:


These people relate to my genius hour project because a lot of them are part of associations or are experts/ doctors on down syndrome. Some of them have experienced clients related to down syndrome. And a lot of them know about down syndrome.

Secondly, I needed information for my genius hour project on down syndrom so i asked them a few questions on the subject. In order to do that there is a way to do it. When you want a teacher/company/expert to take it seriously, you have to:


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Tell them why you are asking them the question
  3. Compliment them
  4. Tell them what your subject is
  5. And thank them


However I realised that it was really difficult to catch the company’s attention. So you have to think of a unique way of asking them th question.


Here is what I sent to glhstaffing a hospital center :


Here is what they responded:

And I thanked them:

The results i got were really helpful because after that they sent me articles to read and answered my questions on twitter messages. Then glstaffing followed me back to continue the conversations .  

This might help me for future assignments at school because i get to ask experts on any subject.  I really enjoyed doing this project because i got to interact with many teachers and experts and i learned a lot about down syndrome.


Thank you!! 🤩

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